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The F.B.C.Community

We have created a community for those who want to expand their current networks with others who have elevated tastes (from the finest restaurants and cultural events) and equally relish in opportunities to turn up the old-fashioned way—and in true Flatbush form—on the dance floor, making active use of the best tunes and vibes. 


We welcome those who:

  • enjoy the finer things (and want to learn about them)

  • seek adventure

  • are captivated by novel, one-of-a-kind experiences 

  • enjoy quality fellowship and conversation

  • value learning from their network, and

  • represent the finest, brightest, and baddest the county of Kings has produced. 


We do it for the culture as those who are resource-full, handle business in various industries, expect the best, and know how to have a great time—we embody refined ratchetry.

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