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Brand Values

As a brand, The Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club is for Xennials (older millenials) of color who are proud of their roots, where their background and upbringing have gotten them, and now value the finer things in life in a variety of ways. 

As such, the logo combines our values in a coat of arms reminiscent of medieval times, where nobility used coats of arms to demonstrate their values and characteristics visually, in fields of battle, and on their property.

COLOR: Our color is Azur which was a common color used in heraldry and symbolized loyalty, fidelity, perseverance, and honesty.

FOX: represents sagacity, wit and wisdom. 

As professionals who have respectively "come up" in our own ways, we’ve maintained discernment with ourselves and each other—which is critical to being in tune with our members and striving to create the best community based on the wisdom we have acquired. 

ERMINE SPOTS: stands for dignity, sovereignty and majesty. We are proud of our upbringing, our heritage, and our accomplishments as we should be. We are proud of our journeys and the lessons we've gained because of them.

CAMELEOPARD: Actually a giraffe, denotes somebody who distinguished themselves in Africa. We cater to people of color, and pay homage to our roots. As such, despite the perception of the world, we are dignified in honoring the culture we came from originally.


SALMON: From ancient times in Ireland, the symbol of knowledge. We know because we’ve been there and/or experienced it which only strengthens our work and the value we provide to our members.  We are also highly educated and value education for the asset it is in our lives and for our members. We share resources that also aim to increase knowledge for our members as well.

MACE: Ornamental staff, the emblem of authority. We love to dine out, discover all that our borough and city have to offer, and are the authority on how to do this, because we are constantly doing it.

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