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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does membership in the Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club work?

A: The quarterly membership fee is $150 and opens following a meet & greet event at the start of each cycle. For the 1st quarter (Oct-Dec), the $150 membership fee includes 1 member t-shirt, 1 free travel itinerary, 1 free event, and 2-3 discounted events within the 3 month period.  


Q: What if I am under 28 years old, or older than 45 can I join?

A:  The Founders of the Flatbush Bourgeoise Club can on a case-by-case basis admit members who do not fall within our age requirements by interview following en email request.  However, the age requirements are in place because we strive to have a community of people at similar phases in personal interests, professional career trajectories, and life experience.  To that end, it is solely at the Founder's discretion following a request and interview.  


Q: What does "refined ratchetry" and "sophisticated sauvage" mean?

A: Life is about balance, and as people of color we are often relegated to having to choose one part of ourselves while masking the other.  To acknowledge this, and to own the spirit of the founders, the Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club coined the signature terms "refined ratchetry" and "sophisticated sauvage". Both terms were created by the founders to embody their personalities as people who enjoy classy experiences, quality customer service and care, but who also appreciate, enjoy, and look for opportunities to let loose after working hard being exemplars of Black excellence on a regular 9-5 basis. The founders believe it is possible to be sophisticated, classy, elegant, and turnt at the same time. We do not pass judgment on those who do both equally, but instead celebrate the balance that doing so actually requires.


Q: Can I join once the sign-up period has ended?

A: Currently membership is on a rolling basis per quarter. However, once events have passed only the events that remain are eligible for member prices. WE encourage signing up at the start of each quarter and when we announce it (@flatbushbourgeoisieclub on IG) so that you can maximize your membership. 

Q: If I am not a member can I attend FBC events?

A: We love making friends, and offer event tickets to non-members. As a Friend of the FBC you do pay more for events, however we welcome you to join us, mingle, and see if membership may be for you in future quarter! 


Q: I see you sell merchandise, how do we differentiate between member and non-member products?

A: Members always receive merchandise in our official brand colors (white and azure) and have limited edition merchandise—while Friends of the FBC can purchase merchandise in Black and White to stand in solidarity with our mission and values. While we are a community, we do believe in unifying professionals of color who embody our values. 

Q: I would like to partner with the Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club, who are your ideal partners and how can I do so?

A: We love supporting Black-owned businesses, and any other business that can add or provide value for our members by way of discount codes, special events, early/private access. To inquire about a partnership with The FBC, please visit our contact page, or email us at and someone will respond promptly.

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