About the F.B.C.

The Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club is an exclusive social membership club for Brooklyn professionals of color ages 28-45 living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  The club was founded by Flatbush natives and friends
Dr. Anne Desrosiers and Jenira Duncan in Fall 2019.


The membership club was created based on the founders' own close friendships (over a decade each), explorations in Brooklyn and beyond, and following professional and personal journeys outside of Flatbush that always brought them back to the neighborhood where each of their respective lives began (and many of the values were learned to propel them forward). 


The Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club was also created based on the identification of a critical need for community for people of color at a pivotal time in history.  The founders created The Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club to serve as a community for older millenials (Xennials) of color who are in life transitions, looking for scenes different from the constant lounging and partying, and also looking for genuine fellowship with others who are highly educated, hard-working, and still representing their roots in the various spaces they find themselves.