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About the F.B.C.

We are the first-generation collective: breaking generational curses without roadmaps and resources and the 1st in our families to accomplish many things. Educated, cultured, and also aware of how to have a good time—for us, being bougie is a badge of honor that reflects all we've experienced.

Founded by Dr. Anne Desrosiers and Jenira Duncan, the Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club caters to professionals of color between 28-45 who live, work, and play in Brooklyn. As older Millenials (Xennials) going through transitions in friendships, life, parenthood, and careers—relationships that transcend all of those things are harder to keep and come by authentically. While we are still social and enjoy going out, the club scene is not really where we see ourselves anymore.

As we navigate being upwardly mobile, purchasing homes, having children, and trying to get support, education, references, and social ideas within our networks, we are often left with gaps to fill. As adults with insights on social justice, cultural history, and the desire to give back—we want to support our communities in meaningful ways that ensure longevity, but are mutually beneficial. 


The Flatbush Bourgeoisie Club provides curated, bespoke, and fellowship-based experiences for all those who:

  • want to try new things while meeting new people,

  • are tired of the same old thing, and

  • looking for a vibe that embraces their personality, while adding value to their lives.

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